Our Vision

In the Summer of 2018, addressing a massive gap in commercial real estate (CRE), we put a small development team together and started to build on a vision of a digital CRE marketplace, catered to tenant-rep brokers but interconnecting all leasing stakeholders in one ecosystem very much like the Bloomberg Terminal, where people and product are integrated, allowing for on-demand work-product, in-platform negotiation flows and deal execution, file sharing, and data aggregation.

What we do differently

listing data

On demand

Fully Interactive

Ultimate flexibility
and control

Prior to ITM, commercial real estate listings have been static and non-actionable, forcing users to manually transcribe data and paste images to create work-product (tour books, financial analysis, comparison matrices, proposals, etc.) costing hundreds of hours annually. ITM’s custom product suite eliminates the “heavy lift” of manual workflows that tenant-rep brokers endure daily and reduces multi-hour projects to just a few minutes, materially improving efficiencies and response times. ITM’s custom-built portal for landlords and their agents connects them directly to broker demand and features workflows uniquely designed around broker engagement that accelerates every step of the leasing process. ITM brings ‘life’ to CRE listing data and provides stakeholders the ability to directly engage one another, schedule appointments, and output reports and analytics, all on the cloud and at the click of a button.


Steven Renbaum


Michelle Berliner

Chief Revenue Officer

Vibhor Gupta

Head of Engineering


Paul Frischer

Senior Advisor

Rich Macary

Senior Advisor

Jesse Stein

Senior Advisor

Michael Taxin